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Okay, so what’s new in this? First off it’s is a continuation of the love route epilogue.

-Both Korra and jinora will be able to win at cards during the evening. This will result in the standard butt fun reward for winning at cards. I added vaginal as well. Scenes for both of them will be much alike so if you picked only one of them during your time in book 4’s love route, don’t feel like you’re missing out.
-Kya and asami will continue to try and get pregnant with your help, but this time they’ll have to lick and suck their way to getting some of the mc’s “milk”.
-You’ll find out what that little book with a lock is all about. The one you found in the treasure chest in the grotto. Was it really left behind by pirates in the past?! you’ll find out.
-Zhu li get’s to try out different swimsuits! But there’s a problem and you’ll have to help her and Varrick get some privacy to do what they need to do. The reward will be Zhu li shaking your and Varricks’… something… while other things bounce up and down. Doing different outfits is fun(but a lot of extra work). My personal favorite is the pink one.
-Speaking of bouncing, if Ravka is present and you buy her a swimsuit… she’ll also show you something bounce when you engage in a friendly fight with her. PS, if she’s pregnant that won’t work because that was just… not an option. You’ll understand once you see. Don’t forget you can undo that pregnancy in the shack. Small tip during the fights, a mouse click only registers when you release the button, pushing enter though immediately registers.

– Asami Kya Impregnation
– Zhu Li Varrick Threesome
– Halloween Event
— Ty Lee Sex
— Suyin Dick Kiss
— Opal Shares a Banana
— Lots of costumes
– Beifong Girls Blowjob
– Ikki Sexy Swimsuit Sex

v.1.0.1a – Bughunt
There are basically four new scenes in this build, vaginal with Kuvira on the beach, butt stuff with Toph at night, Two new/old girls can be found and they’ll give you a hand. I’m also finally giving you the often alluded to Beifong Boobs on the beach scene. There’s a job to be done and it involves boobs! The grotto can be explored. It’s a small grotto.

A few more spoilers for if you want. You can help Ikki find real treasure, an old snake statue, cum on Pema and meet two other new/old characters who will arrive “on the island”. All you can do right now is look at their idles though. Oh, I added a small new thingy to the pema/Oogi scene and probably did some other things here and there too which I can’t remember. ps. the stuff you can find in the treasure doesn’t have any consequences right now in this build.

-Pema and Jinora have a shared backdoor scene.

-Pema also has a solo vaginal scene and when making the right(wrong?) choices, Pema milks Oogi. The choices are super clear so it’s obvious and very easy to circumvent.

-Ravka(Kuvira) has two new scenes, both anaI. The difference lies in whether she or YOU get it up the ass : )

-Lin, Opal and Suyin have a vaginal scene on the beach.

Like I said in an earlier art update, if you play beyond the final credits you’ll be able to start a new game, pick the yin/yang sign at the center of the screen and immediately start the final chapter.

Small warning, I didn’t have that setup in the previous build, so you’ll need to load an older save game on Ember island or the compound during the final chapter and walk around for a bit and the proper variable should be triggered and the yin/yang symbol will appear when starting a new game.

The shortcut will give you a few simple choices for the final chapter when starting a new game, but there are still some things which you’ll simply have to play through the books for to unlock them. Things like pregnancy and pubes etc.

You can travel to the past(book 1, book 2 and 3) when you end up with either Nagina or the Spirit, but right now that’s a stump. I tried hooking them into the real ending of previous books (if you finished those), but that turned out to be a lot more difficult and I didn’t manage to do so.

If you play this build using a save file in which you didn’t let Kuvira escape during book 4’s love route or only chose Korra, you won’t see any of the new Kuvira/Pema stuff on Ember Island naturally, but that’s what the shortcut is for.

Okay, so what did I change/add? I kept my changes mostly to a minimum and instead filled in some gaps. In this build you won’t be directly transported to Mai/Azula or Toph when Shady sends you to the past. Just like with Katara you’ll have to walk around in the city/village first. Their parts are still very small though.

The elder council has a new scene when you visit Katara in the past.

When picking the love route, the story will continue after the Wedding of you and Jinora/Korra. You’ll go to Ember Island and there will be a scene with Izumi and there will also be a joined scene with the four/five main girls on the beach. That last part was something most people felt was missing from the love route.

Afterwards you’ll be able to visit Katara/Toph/Azula/Mai again in the past for a moment and tell them about the fairly big change I made. It’s a story decision which is only text based. HOWEVER that won’t happen if you manage to unsplit the white serpent.

I left the development menus available (just like in the pie version) to make it easier to bughunt for myself and you.

The slave end is pretty much the same with the exception that you can also go back in the past afterwards for a very short time (provided the white serpent is still split).

There are only three new sex scenes. One with the elder council, a beach scene with the main girls and one with Izumi. I would’ve liked to include more… but that’ll have to wait for a future build.

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