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– Fixed two more crashes.

– Fixed a few crashes that prevented progress to the new content.

Major additions

– Added the prologue to Chapter 5. This includes a mandatory date at a new location (the Hot Springs), as well as a bit of story development. The new content begins the day after completing the “Passing On” quest.
– Added a new date location: the Hot Springs! This date takes the form of a unique tile-sliding minigame. Every Haremon and NPC has their own unique rule affecting how the game plays, so try it out with all your favorite girls!

Minor additions/changes

– Added a new type of panties and a new healing item that can be obtained at the hot springs, using different methods.
– Added two new “info” sections to the BlackBook. One can be asked in the bedroom like normal; the other must be obtained through the hot springs location.


– A few minor bugfixes and tweaks.

Hot Fix
Fixing a crash and a bug with accessing Katie’s H-scene.

Major additions/changes

– Added Delilah’s confession and Lover H scene. She can now be taken on dates and Lovered.
– Added Katie’s first H scene, which is accessible after finishing the “Getting an Upgrade” sidequest.
– Added Katie’s Lover H scene.
– Added Katie’s first tier of Bonding scenes.
– Added the rest of Katie’s voice clips.
– Added the rest of the 3rd awakened Haremon’s voice clips.
– Added a secret.

Minor additions/changes

– Added some simple animation to Vex’s wings and tail.
– Katie’s moveset is now saved per-module and will be preserved when switching back to that module later.
– Food and drinks at the restaurant now cost money. If you don’t have enough money for your order at the end of the meal, your date will foot the bill (with an Affection penalty). Snacks at the amusement park also cost money.
– The Aftercare kink now cures conditions for the entire party, not just the user.
– Added a new debug command, “removetechnique”. Parameters are girl name/ID and technique name/ID. (For Haremon who can Awaken, you’ll have to use their ID number to specify between her base/awakened form.)
– Gave the kitsune a new sticker. It’s a Memory sticker unlocked during chapter 4 (or automatically if you’ve already passed that point in the story)


– Fixed a crash that could happen when triggering a battle from the dungeon Chance wheel.
– Fixed an oversight where getting a Game Over to Daisy softlocked the Bunny Business quest and made her unobtainable.
– Changed the effect of the Raw Dog kink to fix some inconsistencies.
– Fixed the “ending a date early” scene not working properly with NPCs.
– Increased star shard gains from BM boss fights.
– Fixed a bug where chest traps ignored resistances.
– Becoming Overwhelmed now only removes positive stat buffs, not debuffs.
– Mind Mints work now.
– Fixed a crash in “Spreading the Love”.
– Fixed an oversight where the Chapter 4 Awakening’s H scene wasn’t available in the JO menu.
– The “rename” command now preserves the capitalization of the text you enter.
– Fixed a bug where Serrah’s sword didn’t show up when using sword attacks.
– Various other minor bugfixes.

Patch 0.35
Added the rest of Chapter 4. This includes:
– A new story quest line
– A brand-new Haremon, with partial voice acting, and her selfie. Her basic H scene, Lover H scene, and bonding scenes should be added in the next build.
– A new Awakened Haremon, with complete voice acting and an H scene (unlocked during the story).
– A new dungeon with several minigame events
– A new boss fight that introduces tons of new moves
– A new miniboss
– New monsters and recolors
– New items, recipes, meals, etc.
– Over 50 new techniques, and a few new kinks

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