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Game Info


Size 2 GB
Released On TBA
Updated On TBA

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Little Nightmares 1 Mobile Gameplay

About Little Nightmares 1 

Little Nightmares is a very creepy dark fantasy game that we can it’s inspired by Japanese dark anime and concepts.

The world of Little Nightmares 1 is very immersed and dark at the same time and it’s a 2.5 game with fixed camera angles.

It’s a very linear game, not an open-world game you just walk on a straight path and there is nothing much to explore except secret artifacts which if you collect them all then the game gonna show an alternate different ending.

Release Date

Little Nightmares 1 Mobile version gonna be released in early January 2023.

Mobile Controls of Little Nightmares 1

Controls of Little Nightmares 1 is very easy on its PC version but in the mobile version of it, developers gonna add touch inputs for players to play this on mobile with its full potential.

In the mobile version of little Nightmares control is based on a touchable button system in which you can move Six (MC) with it, and gonna be to an extra button on the right side of the screen which you MC can jump and grab things with the use of it.

Final Thoughts

If you like creepy dark weird types of things then you are gonna really enjoy Little Nightmares 1 on your handy mobile phone device in your warm room with earphones on.

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