My Best Friends Daughter Download [SE2


v14.01 public
Episode 14 contains of 47 new bookmarks and almost 700 new images.

v12.1 Public
Since my first episode of ‘Room for Rent’ my games have undergoing huge improvements and it’s my plan to continue this.

From this episode you can skip a day or a single hour. Please use it wisely as some bookmarks can’t be achieved if you make the wrong skips. Instead – Please follow the skip functions when it’s an option in the game like you’ll see at dinner time.

I have implemented no less than 100 new animations. I hope you like it. I’ll continue to improve the animations in the game and hopefully exchange more and more images with small animations.

Just to let you know – I’m still in a learning process so some of the animations could be better. I’ll try to improve them over the next month. This episode has been the toughest episode to make so far. No less than 18.000 images have been generated before I could make the animations in this episode. Most of the images can’t be used due to various problems.

Please notice that you can still switch between the episodes as you want.

Many new features are now implemented.
In Preferences you can now decide if you want to see hints after gallery is unlocked or you don’t want to see hints at all.
In the gallery you can now lock gallery for each episode and/ or galleries from previous episodes
From toolbox – you can now decide which episode you want to play (This is still in alpha stage so please be aware that errors may/will occur)
Shifting between episodes has been completely rewritten.
From this version you’ll no longer need external save files. You can now generate them by yourself..
Episode 11 has 42 new bookmarks – several long animations and more than 500 new images.
‘My best friend’s daughter’ has now more than 8.000 images – 20 animations and 580 bookmarks
Julia’s dad will arrive – the same will Cindy – let’s see what will happen in episode 11.
There have been many requests for Android version. I have now made an agreement with CaxHub and they will be in charge for the conversion.

Contains Episode 10.
This episode is mainly about Anna – the new girl on the island.


Episode 4.13

You have now access to hints and gallery for episode 2 to 4. Just click the icon in the lower left corner.

If you want to replay the game and want to have access to hints you’ll need to delete your persistent file from game folder gamesaves. You also need to remove persistent file form c:\UsersUserAppDataRoamingRenpyMy best friends daughter.

Never use TAB or any other skipping function – you’ll never be able to succeed. Keep an eye on the upper left corner when you play. Once an icon appears – you need to decide if you’ll follow the person/fly or just continue.

If you go to the Toolbox and select ‘Game mechanics’ you’ll be able to replay the instructions and how the level of shy, love and horny works.

The gallery and hint system is in its very early state. Bugs may/will occur however It’s under constantly improvement.

Episode 2.16 Public
Instructions how to play this game can be found under toolbox in upper left corner. This is replay of the instructions from the beginning of the game. This guide will tell you how to use the fly and MC icons and how the ‘points’ are working.

Episode 1
Initial Release

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