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820 new renders and a new chapter that’s nearly 50% longer than Ch26 with probably twice the word count.

v1.70 changelog
-623 new renders
-A lil’ bit of spook just in time for Halloween
-Reworked how Open World segments going forward function behind the scenes. Hopefully, if everything works correctly you shouldn’t notice anything different but it makes life a lot easier for me!
-Katie has remembered who she is and has stopped pretending to be Mizue or ???
Silly girl.

-400 new renders!
-4 new events for Sarah, Jamie and two brand new characters!
-Another round of image optimization with no quality loss. You aren’t going crazy, the file size of the whole game has gone down by a few hundred megabytes, even including the new images.
-Fixed a music bug in Ch2 that was sometimes making an awkward silence for CJ’s section.
-Fixed a ton of typos in Ch23, 24 and 25.
-Kieran is no longer in the girls apartment, you’ll now find her (and Sarah) in their dorm room in the School District.
-Jamie will be found at the City Center after completing Side Arc 1 for Victoria, Leah, Teresa, Ashley and Kieran.
-Sarah will be found at the School District after completing Jamie’s Side Arc 1.

Known issues:
-The game will more often than not soft lock if Sarah gets to 0 HP in Ch15. For now just don’t lose I guess.
-We’re reworking the entire button UI for open world segments and choice segments, so the old vertical buttons are still kinda crappy and still don’t fit some words in them but rest assured that won’t be a problem for much longer.

v1.62 Public
-Brand new chapter!
-632 new renders!
-After far too long, OoT now has screen resolution settings!
-Not one, but two gigantic exposition dumps!

v1.55.5 Public
-A new area to visit, the Apartment! This is where you’ll start each girl’s side arc (at least initially) and will be used for some other thing’s involving the girls later.
-463 new renders! 5 new events! Victoria, Leah, Ashley, Teresa and Kieran all have their first Side Arc events available!
-I’m also implementing a new compression method for renders going forward that seems to have cleaned up quite a bit of artifacting, making the renders look significantly better even when stretched. There’ll be a bit of a bump in image file size but not much. It’ll be very useful once screen resizing is out next update.
If you guys like it (it’ll be present in these new side events), I’d be happy to go back and redo most of the game renders in the same way.
-A few music changes, nothing too crazy.
-Some much needed typo fixes in Ch24 and a few more squashed in the prologue and Ch2.

v1.55 Public
-Chapter 24 is out!

-688 new renders!
-Expanded lewd scenes and new renders for Chapters 15 and 18 too!
-A shitton of typos have been fixed!
-Patreon and Discord have been integrated into the game, we’re now shilling at rates never before seen!
-We moved all file and asset handling to a static class to make distinguishing on Android easier in the future. This changes literally nothing for you, but hey Android’s coming! Yay back end!


1.48 Change log:

After much waiting and a great Patron Poll, Chapter 22 AND 23 are here!

That means:

3,963 new renders! 4+ hours of new main story content! That’s right! this update is as big, if not bigger, than many entire Koikatsu games.

-A crap ton of bug fixes and new quality of life improvements! Skip actually works the way we want now! Sorta!

-5+ completely new and original songs never seen in game yet!

JamieMore Jamie Even More Jamie The conclusion of Jamie’s arc and the first chapter of the next main story arc!

Known Issues:

– History probably still doesn’t scroll to the bottom
– Scrolling back across chapters probably is still broken.
-Pressing the Auto and/or Skip menu buttons may make them turn into white rectangles.
-Auto is really, really slow.
-Dynamic window resizing isn’t in yet, but it’s priority #1 and being worked on right now.
-Something else I’m sure I’m forgetting but someone will remind me of.

So if you haven’t read the Patreon post, this version of Chapter 22 does NOT have any combat segments. We put it to a Patron Poll whether we should delay 22 so we can get combat ready, OR if we should finish up 22 and retroactively implement combat when we’re sure it’s fun and ready. Everyone overwhelmingly chose the latter, so I busted my ass this week to get 22 complete.

And with that Patron Poll, we should have much more regular content updates now. Snow and Cyda are working on the combat animations and infrastructure behind the scenes so I can keep working on renders and writing. The next big combat segment will be Chapter 29, so everything before that I can get done and published as soon as those chapters are ready!

That means lots more Out of Touch for all of you! No more huge waits!

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