Peasant’s Quest v2.91 (MOD) Download for Android, Windows, Mac, Linux



Version v2.91
Size 828 MB
Download Info 1M+
Released On 9 November 2019
Updated On
Developer Tinkerer

Updated* Peasant’s Quest v2.91

What’s New


Mayor New Features:

Compendium/magical book containing some useful stats for each girl in the game. This can be acquired by performing a quest. Speak to the innkeeper, exit the tavern, and re-enter to trigger the quest. The compendium is still a work in progress, the index is temporary and currently lists every girl in the game, even though you may not have met them yet. An improved index will be implemented in a later update (probably 2.91).

The extended storyline for the goblins. 4 new quests result in a new female. The first quest triggers once you have completed the quest “A Rebellious Tribe” (where you got the Sequoia, the pygmy goblin), and your population is greater than 60.


Not much has been added since 2.71, this build mostly just adds some minor improvements and fixes a bunch of bugs. There is only a small amount of new content for Mia, Liandra, and Luthien:

Mia’s scene now also has a different version and both versions now come with animations.

Due to popular requests, I have also made the 3 scenes with Luthien and Liandra available as repeatable scenes. Previously you could repeat parts of the scene with each girl individually, but now there is a chance they will “ambush” you in the basement. I could use some feedback on the frequency of this event, is it too hard to trigger, or not? If it’s daytime and both girls are curious, there is a 1/3 chance of them waiting for you in the basement. The 1/3 probability is “rerolled” every time you set foot on the ground floor.


New features/changes:

  • Added new animation scenes
  • 2 New quest from the Temple
  • Added more old (forgotten) quests to the quest journal
  • Added doorway in Vampire Castle Gatehouse to make access to Zsofia easier/better.
  • Fixed Caleah restarting swamp quest bug (people stuck in the bug should now also be able to leave).
  • Added quest notifications for all quests (old and new)
  • 2 new/refurbished map sections.
  • Other minor bugfixes and improvements.

About Peasant Quest

Are you looking for download Peasant Quest latest version Android, Windows, Mac & Linux

Peasant’s Quest is set in a medieval fantasy world, where you play a young farm boy out to seek adventure, and perhaps meet a few hot damsels in distress along the way

Walkthrough of Peasant Quest

Peasant Quest is very challenging and combat based game there you have to do so many interesting quest with great gameplay and story. Not gonna lie by devloper of this game put so much of the world building of this game beacause it’s pretty big has so many sections to explore, And every section has there unique story and quest lines.

How can i Cheat/Hack Peasant Quest 

Well there is many ways to hack peasant quest game but the simpliest way that i also use to not only peasant quest but many more RPG Maker games is use Saveeditonline website.

You can very easily hack or mod Peasant Quest save game file with help of this website. All you have to do just is find your savegame file in your game folder like name with www/saves or if you are using android mobile you can find this vey easily on your Android/data/eg:gamefolder name.

And change savegamefile values with help of this website.

How to Play Peasant Quest?

You need to download the game on your device whether it is PC or Mobile, Then install the game on your device after successfully installing the game open the game.

Now click on the Play button, after starting the game you need to click anywhere on the screen to continue playing the game. If you are chatting with someone in the game a number of options will appear. You can click on any option that you think would be perfect for that movement.

Play Offline

The first and the best thing about this feature is the offline mode which is so helpful for lots of users because can’t afford an internet connection to play a game that’s why the developer decided to make this offline game.

You just need to download the game’s files that’s it you can now play this game whenever you want without any internet problem.

How to Install Peasant Quest


  • Download Mod/Normal APK file from your website post
  • After download the file choose any of your mobile device file manager application
  • Locate the file location and Install the APK file
  • Note: If your mobile system doesn’t let you install the APK file then simply go to your setting and find unknown sources setting and turn it on.
  • Enjoy!

Windows, Mac, Linux

  • After downloading the main game zip file.
  • Just simply unzip it and find .exe game icon in your folder then run it.
  • Enjoy
Note: If you still got any proplem then you can contact us on Facebook & Mail

**Note that when an update is available, we will try to post to the website as quickly as possible. You should only update from our website so as not to lose the process when playing.

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