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New content:

– Fixed some bugs and flaws related to the progress of plot tasks issued by plot NPCs. Now the conditions for obtaining certain events are more intuitive, and their passage itself takes less time from the player due to fewer delays between them.

– New details were added to the female RNPCs in the masturbation scene: now some new accessories, appearance features are displayed in the scene, pubic hair is missing/present. In addition, RNPCs can now be displayed in their everyday clothes in the scene: all the available sets of clothes were drawn specifically for this, and the choice you need or not will be at the very beginning of this scene.

– Now, along with the old typical male RNPCs, new ones are also randomized: completely redrawn and made specifically for the game. They have several differences from the old ones: firstly, they have different physiques, ranging from very fat to skinny, as well as some new appearance settings, which include more pinpoint editing of the penis, existing body hair and also some other things related to their appearance. Besides, the body types themselves affect the physical attributes. Now these are two interrelated things that depend on each other in RNPCs.

– New outcomes have been added to events with RNPCs: this applies to both regular recurring events with regular RNPS, and some events with plot RNPs. This includes both events with the head of hooligans, the hooligan community at an abandoned factory generally, and events with a girl with strange glasses.

– A new button has been added to the biography menu: physical data. The full height of the RNPC is displayed there, as well as its weight, which is calculated using the difference in its physical attributes, some features of appearance, body type and other variables.

– The background of the new apartment was redrawn, which the main personage can rent in a real estate agency. Besides, just like an old apartment, it can be polluted, replenished with new items and some other things over time. It has the same interactivity as the old version of the room.

– The background of Ayano Yoshida’s room, in which she settles during cohabitation, was redrawn. Besides, variants of the night view and evening view of this room were also drawn.

– New mechanics have been added to the hospital location – now your character will be able to perform operations that will affect him, his attributes, some neutral indicators and other parameters that affect the gameplay to one degree or another.

– Two new sets of clothing have been added to the randomized NPCs editor for males: another casual set, as well as a new suit.

– A new tab for appearance editing has been added to the randomized NPCs editor – change accessories. With it, you will be able to add/remove points from randomized male NPCs that will be generated in the game session.

– A new setting has been added to the randomized NPCs editor: relationship presets. With it, you can configure how many relationship /affection/love points a randomized NPC will have on your character at the very beginning of the game, changing their values after the generation of the game session.

– A new dish has been added to the cafe menu – a business lunch. It is very cheap, but at the same time, when you use it, the attributes of your character are largely reduced for a while.

– Added a new location interaction to the stadium in the academy location – to run.

– Now the growth parameters of a RNPC directly affect the indicators of strength, endurance and agility. The higher the RNPCs, the more strength he has, but worse agility and endurance and vice versa.

– In the statistics menu, new statistics have been added to the diary – the size of your personage’s penis. The indicator itself directly affects the success of sex scenes with RNPCs: the reaction to this offer, the process itself and some other details depend on this indicator.

– A new feature has been added to the settings menu – enabling confirmation of the start of fights with RNPCs.

– Now the mini-map shows when Ayano Yoshida’s apartment opens for a visit.

– Now participating in a RNPC’s fight can reduce its strength and agility if it is hit by any blow, and increase its endurance level.

– Now actions that require a minimum level of energy from the player also require a certain level of satiety. This includes jogging in the park, push-ups and other activities that increase physical attributes.

– Now, for constant fights, your personage will receive a certain kind of attribute debuffs: each new fight during the time your character is recovering will increase the debuff, exactly until your attributes are reduced by 90 percent. The recovery time in this case takes 10 hours.

– Now eating some foods, such as frozen food, fast food generally from the grocery store reduces the level of attributes by 20 percent for a while.

– New cheats have been added: now when you enter the phrase limbs in the patreon code entry menu, all the limbs of your character will be cured, when you enter the phrase occult, 10,000 credits will be added to the budget of the occult club, and when you enter the phrase change, you will be able to add relationship points with the selected RNPC.

– Added a new perk for levels – overpowering. With its help, the recovery time from poisoning and fights will be reduced by half.

– The generator of RNPCs has been upgraded and refined: there are now much fewer errors associated with this moment of the game, and RNPS generated by game scripts have fewer logical inconsistencies related to attributes, biographies, perks, appearance traits and other game moments.
– Now additional information is shown in the save button: the version of the game on which this very save was made.

– Now the scars on your character do not appear during fights if no damage has been done to him. Besides, the appearance feature associated with scars also now does not take into account fights where absolutely no damage was done to your character.

– Redesigned some chances for interactions with RNPCs from the interaction menu with them. In addition, the number of relationship/fear/attachment points that these very interactions give has been redesigned, as well as some of their outcomes have been refined and new ones have been added in some places.

– Some formulas responsible for the loss of events with RNPCs have been redesigned: now the indicators themselves are dynamic, they are affected by the amount of time spent in the game, as well as the amount of events that fell out in general.

– A new character trait has been added for female RNPCs – a predilection for appearance. It manifests itself with low romance and a high level of love for the cute, and the effect is a greater influence of your personage’s appearance on the available modifiers.

– Added a new character trait for RNPCs – loves cooking. This trait appears when a RNPC does not have a very high level of criminality and is slightly below average sociable, and its effect is to influence the modifiers of your personage’s cooking skill.

– Added a new character trait for RNPCs – likes gambling. This trait appears when a randomized NPC does not have a very high level of responsibility and a slightly above average level of criminality, and its effect is to influence the modifiers of your personage’s gambler skill.

– Now the “Fight Lover” character trait also affects RNPS modifiers, adding to it the influence of the amount of fights and combat experience.

– New modes have been added to the point generation menu: “all characters have a bi orientation”, as well as “all characters have a hetero orientation”.

– The efficiency of the module optimizing the appearance of RNPCs has been improved: more testing conditions have been added there, everything superfluous has been removed, and it now randomizes some features of the appearance much faster, which will eliminate problems with latency on some weak devices.

– Added 4 new possible fonts for their use in the text editing menu displayed during events and/or other narrative game content.

– A complete refactoring of the module responsible for the distribution of randomized NPCs by location was carried out: all bugs and flaws related to this module were fixed, and also, in general, it now works a little faster and more stable, which will eliminate microphryses on some weak devices and/or with a large number of RNPCs.

– A selection of clothing for randomized male NPCs has been added to the Randomized NPCs editor.

– New point generation modes have been added: all RNPCs have new body types, as well as all male RNPCs wear gachi suits.

– New appearance settings for male RNPCs have been added to the randomized NPCs editor.

– A new button has been added to the category of filtering game content – disabling/enabling tattoos/piercings on randomized NPCs.

– The system of pumping endurance has been changed: now, during the performance of physical exercises by your character, endurance will increase only during the last possible interaction time.

– Now randomized NPCs with the “Fanaticism” relationship stage can pursue your character with some chance and actively monitor him.

– Now, at an easy difficulty level, the game notifies you if your character is in the friend zone with a randomized NPC.

– NTR content with randomized NPCs is now automatically turned off during the start of the game session. You can enable it in the content filtering menu.

– Now, when using the Best Friend subscriber patreon code ($10) and higher, the player has the opportunity to generate more randomized NPCs at the beginning of the game session.

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