Long Story Short Download [Renpy Version] [v0.6 build 20]


Version 0.5 and 0.6 build 20 (initial Ren’Py port release) 2023-02-26

Added: v0.6 story content
* Ann at MC’s house morning (Ann Love – no corruption)
* Vanessa at MC’s house morning (Ann Love – corruption)
* Emily bedroom
* Emily shopping
* Emily coffee
* Ann library (with and without Chris variations)
* Ann audition (corrupted)
* Vanessa shopping
* Vanessa house (Ann Hate, Ann Love – corruption, Joe Rival variations)
* Underpass (Ann Love – corruption)
* Vanessa customer at bar (Vanessa blackmail/rude to customer)
* Chris bar with Merry (accepted proposal to share girls/if missed on different route in version 0.5)
* Jenny SMS
* Alex easter egg (if missed it the first time)
Added: New gallery items for version

Fixed: Insta post comment box not aligned with photo size
Fixed: Prevent walkthrough notices from displaying in Insta after the event has passed
Fixed: Missing variable for tracking if you tell coffee shop customer to fuck off or not

Added: v0.5 story content
* MC bedroom after party (Ann GF, Ann Hate variations)
* Vanessa’s house visit (Joe friend and Joe rival variations)
* Emily returns home (Joe friend and Joe rival variations)
* Joe beach/meet Jenny (Joe friend)
* Emily beach (Joe rival)
* Ann movies (Ann Love and Corrupted, Chris variations)
* Chris bar with Merry (accepted proposal to share girls)
* Morning with Vanessa (Ann Love and Corrupted, Ann Hate variations)
* Sex with Ann (Ann Love and Corrupted variations)
* Alex easter egg
Added: New gallery items for version
Added: Built-in Walkthrough (Enable through Settings screen)
Added: Option to enable/disable name saving
Added: Swipe gestures for mobile.
* Swipe down to hide UI
* Swipe left to rollback
* Swipe right to skip text
* Swipe left and right to open the game menu
* Longpress a save file to delete

Changed: Reduced dissolve transition time to 0.4 seconds
Changed: Added text outlines to who and what text (for dialogue)
Changed: Reduced blur on gallery to provide more of a hint
Changed: Prevent alternate scenes in replay unless they’ve been unlocked

Fixed: Prevent Ann Insta from being created at club event if she is GF status
Fixed: Bug on Ann hate path where checking her phone at the library without asking who it was does not show conversation
Fixed: Performance issue loading Insta with many images
Fixed: Bug on Ann love path where return stack is not popped causing the game not to end properly

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