Being a DIK Interlude v0.9.1 (MOD/Vault Codes) Download for Android, Windows, Mac



Version Interlude S3
Size 2 GB
Download Info 500K+
Released On 9 November 2019
Updated On
Offered By Gumdrop Games

Updated* Being a DIK v0.9.1

Old* Being a DIK v0.8.2

About Being a DIK

A young man, from a low-income family, moves away from his widowed father and his summer love to attend college at Burgmeister & Royce. As he is cast into freshman life and persuaded to join the up-and-coming fraternity Delta Iota Kappa, he’ll be exposed to a new world filled with conflicts.

Being a DIK Vault Codes/Cheats

Episode 1: 1386

Episode 2: 4413

Episode 3: 3985

Episode 4: 0421

Episode 5: 4226

Episode 6: 4463

Episode 7: 1159

Episode 8: 3211

Interlude: 2575

Episode 9: 4232



– Fixed a game-breaking issue with Neil’s chat that caused the replies to be out of sync with Neil and MC. If your save file has this issue, restart from episode 9 to fix it.

– Fixed a game-breaking issue where importing multiple saves during one game caused duplicated entries of lists such as Contacts and Bios. If your save file has duplicates of any Bios, I’d recommend restarting that save file from the Import screen of Season 3 again.

– Fixed an issue where the MC name in the scene gallery wasn’t updated to use your MC name.

– Hid the quick menu during the Party Planner mini-game.

– Fixed an issue with Rooster that incorrectly indicated that a new cluck was available after a Josy and Maya event.

– Fixed an issue where you couldn’t win the body shot competition with Becky.

– Fixed an issue with a missing image during a Quinn scene

– Fixed an issue with Rusty’s Bios that said the opposite of what was expected with the mansion mini-game.

– Fixed an issue with the fast travel map in the final free-roam event

– Fixed a variable regarding dialogue with Derek

– Fixed a pet name issue.

– Corrected typos

Interlude Season 3:

  • 794 renders
  • 36 animations
  • 2 2D-art pieces
  • 2 2D-art animations
  • 19 songs
  • 18 sound effects


  • Fixed a bug where three different clucks weren’t added to the dorm party free roam event.
  • Fixed a bug where one scene wasn’t replayable in the gallery.
  • Fixed a bug where Jill’s chat from episode 7 appeared multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug where the Skip transitions setting in preferences was reversed.
  • Fixed a bug with the path minigames in all episodes, which caused the minigame to fail too easily when hovering the start area.
  • Fixed a bug with a Quinn scene
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t receive money from playing Shuffle on the old phone
  • Fixed a bug where Swyper chats would crash if you opened them during free roam events without available Swyper chats.
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with the end report for Sage.
  • Fixed an issue where MCs name didn’t show in a scene.
  • Corrected typos in episode 8

Is Being a DIK my type of game?

Do you like 3D CG sandbox renpy visual novel games with 3D animation and a drama with romance and task.

If YES, then you’d probably enjoy Being a DIK!

If, on the other hand, you prefer games where your actions and choices lead to different outcomes rather than those that are more about choosing which female character’s story to experience and pursue (with guaranteed scenes after several quest-lines)

How to Install


  • Download Mod/Normal APK file from your website post
  • After download the file choose any of your mobile device file manager application
  • Locate the file location and Install the APK file
  • Note: If your mobile system doesn’t let you install the APK file then simply go to your setting and find unknown sources setting and turn it on.
  • Enjoy!

Windows, Mac, Linux

  • After downloading the main game zip file.
  • Just simply unzip it and find .exe game icon in your folder then run it.
  • Enjoy
Note: If you still got any problem then you can contact us on Facebook & Mail

**Note that when an update is available, we will try to post to the website as quickly as possible. You should only update from our website so as not to lose the process when playing.

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